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Love and Limits

From childhood to the minute we depart this earth, we're conditioned to believe in the manner of this world. A world that's characterised by limits, finite in its own nature. In the colossal star that lights our days, provides the conditions necessary for life and keeps us circling a continuous orbit, to the cells which constitute our bodies we inhabit, everything about us is restricted. The sunlight will one day collapse, just like the thing which makes up our human forms will go back to dust. It's just ever physically feasible for a particular number people to enter college , university or find a job, irrespective of potential and capacity. It struck me as a child that the just case where we aren't faced with a cut-off,where competition isn't defined by a predetermined number of areas and places, is Jannah (Paradise). There'll not be any disappointment because you weren't within the 60,000 person chalk mark; we aren't rushing against one another because the places may run out before we make it. With Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He) you will find no limitations, because He's infinite.

There are no frontiers or caps where He's worried, a concept our minds can not really comprehend because they are constructed with limitations. What we often forget however is that our spirits and our religious hearts, the essence of what we are, belong to a different kingdom; the kingdom of the Lord, that can be infinite, absolute, eternal and illimitable. Our non-physical aspects therefore can't be categorised and condemned into the nature of the world. Allah's (swt) love for us is boundless, His mercy is without end or beginning, and it's from this nature the concept of un-conditionality arises. Our spirits, in their celestial nature, could be vessels with this boundless mercy and love if He Wills it.

Lets imagine a tap whose origin is a pond or lake. Water can flow from the tap as long as there is water from the lake, possibly for days, possibly for weeks, before the lake runs dry. Now imagine a tap linking to a sea. Water will flow from the tap for decades, but finally, even the mighty sea will have already been drained. But when there was an unlimited water source, where each drop of water has been replaced immediately after being eliminated, water could flow from the connected tap forever. Most of us knows that the output is dependent on the source. Undeniably, the qualities of the supplier are reflected in what's supplied

We're like the tap: should we connect to a restricted source, however vast, expansive and powerful that source could possibly be, we shall one day run dry. Our love and mercy will stop to gush forth as we tire and worn out. However, if our source is infinite and unlimited, needing no replenishment or renewal as it's complete and perfect, our spirits can actually fulfil their divine potential. Our spirits can function as vessels for the most beautiful and pure occurrence in spiritual and physical presence. If we link ourselves completely and firmly to Allah (swt), only then are we able to channel love and mercy unconditionally to other people.

When our bodies become one with the ground where they came, even if the sun's amazing burning is not any longer, all that we gave of love and mercy will remain, eternal and true just like, He in Whose name it was dealt forth.

Allah Most High knows best.

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