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The word Quran is literal or precise word of God. It is the book of guidance. Holy Quran is the 4th and last sacred book of Allah almighty revealed on Muhammad (SAWW). Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) received these heavenly revelations over a period of twenty three years in the 7th century of the Common Era. Every revelation was written by the Holy prophet’s (SAWW) transcriber with the Prophet’s (SAWW) instructions. The contemporary order and organization into 114 surahs of the whole revelation were hence given to us by Prophet (SAWW) himself. Moreover, our prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and many fellows had dedicated the whole Quran to memory. The Pattern of memorizing the entire Quran continued throughout the years.

Learn Quran via Skype:

Skype Quran Classes platform has been started to make people literate among the entire humanity. Everyone in our country wants to learn or read Quran online with best teacher. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) said: “The greatest of you is he who learnt the Holy Quran and taught it to others”. Most of Muslims move to other non-Islamic countries for jobs or other activities consequently they cannot continue the recitation of Quran in Masajid or Madrassa. That’s why they have the opportunity to read the Quran online.

Skype Quran Classes

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Online Quran program offers easy method to learn with correct tajweed from qualified online Quran tutors by sitting at their home. When our tutors come to delivery of lesson, the teacher have a main part to role in it. That’s why our Quran classes rely on those teacher who have both the experience of “Online teaching” as well as “Knowledge of Quran”. Our teachers planned the comprehensive lesson to make it easy for the students.

Why did we feel the need for Skype Quran Classes Online for kids and adults?

You just need a computer with the good internet connection to start the classes. We also have the opportunity to select the class timings with your own preference. By the grace of Allah Almighty we have latest software’s technology and advanced teaching techniques to keep the students motivated and interested. Many of the Muslim students have learnt the way of learning Quran with correct pronunciation as well as the completed the memorization of Quran.

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With this Quranic learning Classes, you will learn to read the Quran in a matter of months, not years.

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I always wanted to learn the Quran at home, but I'm busy most of the time, that's why I decided to turn to online Quran Classes via Skype for myself and other sisters, as Qualified and experienced female Quran teachers offering tuition Classes online.

By Stwart Momen