Quran Translation, Quran Tasfseer

Quran Translation & Tafseer Course

Quran Translation and Tafseer course is specially planned for those students who are interesting in learning the translation of Holy Quran. So that they can understand the verses of Quran. This will help them to interpret the literal as well as technical meaning of the Quran. To learn tafseer online we have hired very qualified teacher. They can teach English as well as Urdu translation of the Quran. Once the student has made the understanding the Arabic, then meaning of these Arabic words are taken in the light of the context in which verses were revealed. On every new day students are given some words for learning. The meaning of the verses are explained decently to the students. They taught verses word by word. After learning actual meaning students learn the contextual meaning of the Word.

Complete understanding of Quran

By the end the student is able to understand the meaning of the verses and know the situation in which the verses were revealed and what they imply. Learn Tafseer online is a course offered by Learn Quran Online UK. Quran Tafseer courses is mainly devoted to explain the meanings of the word of Quran. This course starts with explaining the meaning of first surah Surat-al-Fatiha because recited in the prayer and completed till the end of the Quran. Learn tafseer online classes are set up because every Muslim wants to seek knowledge about Holy Quran. Being aware of the meaning of Quran verses to strengthen the Muslim’s beliefs, delight his/her heart and gives the opportunity to taste the impressiveness, the fluency and the beauty of Godly words.

Learn Quran translation and Tafseer Online

Prime Goals Tafseer & Translation

To learn or understand the Quran one must be create some skills like reading and listening. There are numerous drafts for referring tafsir to be categorized. By methodology it has two concepts. Tafsir bi-al-riwana and tafsir bi-al-diraya. The course deals with both perspectives of tafsir -al-Quran.

Our main goal is to bring perfection in student’s language. We also wanted to raise the social and cultural development in modern society which is in both academic and professional contexts. We also wanted to help the students to improve their communication and problem solving skills that will help them and defending the intellectual suspicious that can be raised against Islam.

Tafseer Objective

The object of the course is the explanation of the Quran. It is an attempt to provide statement with an thoughts, interpretation for understanding the God will which has been declared in the Quran. The essential objectives of our course are as follows:

  • To give focused understandings Science of Tafsir of Al Quran
  • To help the students to become efficient in research and to become expert in Islamic laws
  • To make students skillful in scholarly writings
  • To declare the sophistic and complicated ideas through oral display
  • To enable the students to contribute towards Islamic solutions in the social and cultural contexts
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    Clients Review

    know is to pursue pleasure ratio because those who do not know how to pursue pleasure rationally counter consequences that are extremely painful

    Understanding Quran

    know is to pursue pleasure ratio because those who do not know how to pursue pleasure rationally counter consequences that are extremely painful

    By Stwart Momen