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Online Quran Tutors and teachers male and female at AzanulQuran are tested and certified. To be a Quran tutor could be a great distinction, special honor and recognition. This responsibility was performed by angles and prophets. To convey the words of Quran and its authority to future generation, the Quran tutor online has to be terribly knowledgeable, punctual, sensible to be a role model, and having profound information of Tajweed rules to show our Muslim youngsters and Adults. A Quran teacher with necessary qualification could be a need of our community and our duty to perform for teaching the Holy Koran to our youngsters and teenagers that how to read Quran.

Quran Teachers and Tutors

Qualification of our Teachers

We attempt our greatest to own competent and knowledgeable teachers for our learners and sisters.

  • A Graduate from a recognized university/institute.
  • A Qari, Hafiz, Alim/Alima with good knowledge of Tajweed.
  • Passed the test conducted at Azan ul Quran for hiring.
  • Well aware of Quran Teaching Methodologies/Skills.
  • Friendly, polite and Good-nature.

    Quality Assurance:

    AlhamduliAllah! we have hired Quran tutors with the necessary qualifications, good recitation, as the priority of Azan ul Quran. We have hired some supervisor to keep a full check on tutor either they are teaching with full responsibility or not. Supervisor will guaranteed that all the classes will be conducted on exact time. Parents can talk to supervisor at any time to know the progress of her child.

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    "Azan" Quran Academy is best for females to learn the Quranic Tajweed, or Recitation

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    Best Online Quran Tutors and reciters, they are Alima and hifiza

    By Stwart Momen